What if?

What if more states adopt open primaries and rank choice voting like Alaska just did? Would national political gridlock ease?

What if we just give the next COVID stimulus directly? What if we implement a COVID wealth tax?

What if we pay essential workers essential pay?

What if we never go back to work (in offices) again?

What if we break up all the major tech companies — Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon?

What if Facebook doesn’t exist in ten years? What might take its place?

What if life’s path stops going through college?

What if we had to build an education system from the bottom up? Would it look anything like the system we have today?

What if being a teacher were the most prestigious job in the United States?

What if fast-casual becomes all pick-up, and the mom-and-pops that survive focus on bespoke, custom food experiences?

What if every mom-and-pop restaurant goes under during the COVID second wave?

What if Amazon’s and Wal-Mart’s workforces are overcome by infection at the same time?

What if the US household savings rate reaches 50%? (It was 33% at one point in April, an all-time high.)

What if we simplify the tax code and abolish the IRS?

What if all primary health care starts on an app?

What if a new pandemic starts spreading again early next year?

What if Los Angeles bans petroleum-fueled vehicles?

What if we all dream bigger?

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