What I’m Doing Now

Helping My Daughter Find a College

We are in the midst of the college application process as my older daughter tries to find a college that is a great fit for her academically, socially and financially. It’s an interesting challenge and I’ve been fortunate to speak to Ron Lieber, Pam Andrews and David Flores Wilson about the process on my podcast. Very soon, I’ll announce a terrific new guest who will help me kick off the “second season” of the podcast with a deep discussion on this topic.

The Art of Allowance Project

We are in the midst of an exciting overhaul of the Money Mammals / Art of Allowance program. This will include a responsive site (desktop- & mobile-ready) with materials for kids of all ages as well as parents. This new site will consolidate our current content — games, video, audio, podcast, books, courses — different formats for different tastes. We aim to be the hub for parents who want to raise money-smart kids.

The Art of Allowance Academy

Inspired by my desire to further connect with like-minded parents and by fantastic online experiences like Write of Passage and Building a Second Brain, I have launched The Art of Allowance Academy.

Finished Projects

30-for-30 Challenge

I completed a 30-for-30 Challenge to write 30 short “atomic” (200-250 word) essays in 30-days.