Seahawk for Life

People often ask, “Are you from Seattle?”

“No,” I’ll reply, “I just love the Seahawks.”

I even tried to quit them in 2008. I’d already freed myself of fantasy football, and I wanted to reclaim those four Seahawk viewing hours each week. They’d already made it to a Superbowl. And though they’d lost, I never thought I’d see them in the big game. 

Plus, they stunk in 2008. It was a great time to quit.

When I was a child In the ’70s, NFL fans were divided into Steelers and Cowboys fans. I rooted for America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys. I had a signed photo Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach sent me. (They did that for free back then!) 

I was also a Yankees fan. Good for me because both the Cowboys and Yankees were excellent. Bad for me because I’d started cheering for both teams during their greatness. 

I was a bandwagon fan!

Then Staubach retired, and I decided to make a change. I discovered the Seahawks. I loved their uniforms (Cowboys colors with a touch of green), though I picked them primarily because I wouldn’t be called a bandwagon fan. They sucked. However, they were the first team I chose to support outside the influence of friends and family.

The Seahawks weren’t America’s Team. They were my team.

I couldn’t quit them. I was back in front of the TV in a month.

Good decision.

Turns out they eventually won a Superbowl.

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