Make the Time

I was stapling construction paper in the back of Mrs. Aaron’s fifth-grade room. I’d covered up most of the corkboard when Adam, the new kid, walked up and introduced himself.

I can’t recall if Mrs. Aaron prodded him or if it was his idea, and I vaguely remember inviting him to hop up where I was standing — on the short storage cabinet that ran across the back of the room. This gave us access to the long corkboard that ran the length of the cabinets.

I’m not even sure what we created that day.

I didn’t need an app or a life organizing note-taking system to free up time. I had time, and I was open to a new friendship — and creative partner.

We created comedy tapes (cringe-worthy and inappropriate today). We started the only software company that exclusively served the Timex Sinclair and Texas Instrument TI-99.

Our creative collaborations continued throughout our youth, including books, cities and even a stamp club.

Adam recently scanned all the entries of a book of presidential poetry we’d written during the first Reagan administration. For Mrs. Aaron, I believe.

This quote from The 80/20 Principle inspired me, “We are actually awash with time and profligate in its abuse.”

What if my 11-year-old self were as rushed as my 51-year-old self sometimes feels. 

Too rushed to complete Mrs. Aaron’s project. 

Too rushed to strike up a conversation.

I may have missed a golden opportunity to connect with a lifelong friend.

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