Good Inputs Part 1: Food

(The first in a series about improving inputs.)

Roughly twenty years ago, I reduced meal portions to accommodate my slowing metabolism and went from 180ish to 170ish pounds.

A decade ago, my wife and I adopted Body-for-Life. We incorporated resistance training (first time in my life) and converted fat to muscle. Body-for-Life’s “fistful of carbs, fistful of protein” was a useful portion hack that we use to this day.

As food research revealed sugar and fats weren’t villains, I pivoted from the highly processed low fats and added sugars. I discovered the slow-carb diet in The 4 Hour Body and focused on low-glycemic-index carbs (a key distinction) to avoid the problem with popular high-protein, low-carb diets — hunger! 

Incorporating the weekly “free or faturday” concept meant I didn’t have to go cold turkey on In N Out Burgers. (Something I knew would be unsustainable!)

I was now consistently measuring my weight at 165ish pounds. As a distance runner looking to reduce muscular and joint stress, I targeted the 155ish range. Using the popular 16:8 intermittent fasting protocol. Along with the epiphany that breakfasts weren’t necessarily for champions, I boosted my morning mental energy and achieved my weight goal.

I’ve also modified my slow-carb approach to include fruit (and even Lara Bars), and I added Athletic Greens to ensure I wasn’t missing any essential vitamins or minerals.

I enjoy dietary experimentation. I’m soliciting feedback to improve my inputs.

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